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The Four Steps of Your TMS Journey

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Begin Your TMS Journey

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The world of global transportation can be tricky to navigate. Starting the journey may be the hardest step, but we’re making it easier. Simply download our eBook “How to Navigate Your TMS Journey,” to get underway.

With this eBook as your guide, you can prepare for each stage of your TMS purchase journey.

Start Your Journey


Identify Problems in Your Supply Chain

Every journey begins as a process of DISCOVERY. For your TMS journey, start by assessing the cost, resource limitations and roadblocks in your supply chain. You’ll want to ask questions about common types of barriers plaguing your supply chain:

  • STRATEGIC: Should we address this issue?
  • ORGANIZATIONAL: Who should take the lead?
  • FINANCIAL: Can we afford a solution?
  • PROCEDURAL: How will we implement a solution?


Consider Possible Software Solutions

Moving further ahead in your journey, you will begin EXPLORATION of specific software that may solve your supply chain challenges. As you know, not every solution will work for your company – so you will want to consider the following for each:

  • Potential risks
  • One-time and ongoing costs
  • Timing and scalability
  • Personnel requirements

After considering each of these, it is time to shortlist the top contenders and develop a Request for Proposals (RFP).



Define Requirements for Your RFP

This may be the most daunting part of your journey – ELEVATION of what has been, up to this point, an internal process into actionable steps forward. But this exciting point in the journey is where the true capabilities of each solution will come into view. You’ll want to have:

  • Support for all delivery modes
  • Visibility to inbound and outbound freight
  • Carrier management and digital freight capabilities
  • Load planning and optimization
  • Freight settlement and payment processes
  • Prescriptive and predictive analytics


Selecting a Supplier: Custom Demos

The end of the journey is in sight – but a few big steps lay ahead. Before committing to any one solution, you’ll want to see its capabilities in action, of course. In addition to fully outlining your use cases for solutions providers, you’ll want to ask about:

  • Security protocols
  • Resources needed after implementation
  • Support for multiple user profile types
  • The provider’s product development roadmap
  • Total cost of ownership and payment terms
  • Implementation timing

The Right Partner Will Make or Break Your TMS Journey

Your TMS journey is an exciting adventure. It is the culmination of years of work to expand the business and become a leader in your industry. By taking a thorough look at the state of your enterprise, examining the challenges and opportunities, and setting clear expectations and requirements, the process of evaluating TMS software and making the right choice of vendor will go much smoother.